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Since the tasks were not completed, the researchers were able to monitor the changes involved in the activity of individual neurons in the control the cursor. You could tell which cells were active when the cursor moved in certain directions. The researchers found that govern when the animals were in the task, the neural patterns stabilized in the solution involved.

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‘Beyond its clinical applications this research direction light on how the brain builds and organizes neurons, and how it forms a motor memory, prosthesis prosthesis, ‘said Carmena. ‘These are important, fundamental issues, such as the brain learns in general ‘.. BA Vanderbrink, Rastinehad, Anderson, GH Badlani, AD Smith, MA Levine and BR Lee Journal of Endourology 21 : 65-70, January 2007by UroToday comment.Until now, however scientists missing a practical means of control of these changes in a physiological adjustment. – With our profiling technique, we can bear photos over the years the sugar, was used to mantle monitoring one cell surface or from the cell is released into the blood circuit and any amendments that may occur, said Bertozzi. We can then use the sugar with cells, cancer cells of normal cells with the sugars produced. Ultimately, the idea this information for this information to a simple blood test to would be a patient is of cancer create to diagnose.

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