The labor movement is true.

The labor movement is true, as noted Alan Leather, Global Union AIDS Programme. Without the recognition and defense of basic human rights, we will not address the root causes that make many people vulnerable to HIV infection, nor will we be able to ensure access to the necessary services. . A copy of the report can FSAI FSAI website.

The pandemic.: Human Rights Key Element Universal Access Goalreleased Tuesday, revealed the report on the global AIDS epidemic positive progress in reducing infection rates in key populations, while leaving no doubt that a more long-term efforts participation are most concerned with human rights at their core, are necessary in order to make substantive differences in fighting the pandemic.There definitive answers in a recent study at Tel Aviv University, which largest and most extensive of its kind.

If you stop smoking before the first myocardial infarction had a 50 percent lower mortality, while those working quit after their heart attack lowered that by a whopping 37 percent compared to those who continued to smoke.

‘The new aspect in our study is in that is the first to to of the benefit of reducing smoking, ‘fits Dr. ‘This is an information that some of smoking could live with – virtually. To remember to remember the felling a first step before complete the end, especially those it is impossible and directly stopped see ‘.