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The UN maternal mortality estimates are developed in close collaboration with an international expert group and use all available country data on maternal mortality, as well as improved methods of estimation click . The intensive country carried out as part carried out as part of the development of these estimates in identifying increased data collection efforts in recent years the special systems to capture data on maternal mortality instrumental. However, there are large gaps in the availability and quality of data for many countries where maternal mortality is high, and only through statistical modeling it is possible to obtain an understanding of the trend.

China’s health minister , said his ‘deep concern ‘across the country HIV / AIDS situation ‘is the migrants, because the healthcare sector in the direction of migrants needs to be, ‘Agence France-Presse reported Chen Zhu said. ‘We are to establish promoting institutional reform of medical health a system that provides basic health care for all Chinese people, ‘including the country including the country migrants reach 211 million in 2009, Chen, ‘added that the sexual intercourse was the primary means of transmission ‘of HIV in China ‘, particularly among homosexuals ‘.

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