According to an article in the August 24/31 issue of JAMA.

Diagnostic strategy may help determine stage of lung cancer more preciselyto Preoperative testing strategy combining two procedures help reduce the accuracy of determining the stage of lung cancer, according to an article in the August 24/31 issue of JAMA.

– The report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation , that the loss of biological diversity is a major impact on the ability of humanity into into future have with the residents of the poorest regions of the world will experience more shortages, the UN News Centre writes. Some varieties contain genetic information required for the development of new high-yielding varieties, the effects of climate change such as drought could handle , There are thousands of pesticides wild relatives collected collected, studied and documented because they are genetic secrets that keep they allow to be resistant to heat, salinity, floods and pests, FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf told Reuters reported ..The researchers changes in British behavior in December compared with changes in the other G7 industrialized countries .Only German drink more wine, beer and spirits in December, when the British, with the average German consumption 1.2 liters of pure alcohol per person, compared with the average Brit to 1.02 liters. In December Whereas enhance drink – drive deaths across Europe and Americas in December, Great Britain has the lowest death rate due to influence of alcohol and the smallest increase in December deaths.

– We are extremely proud and honored that Novo Nordisk Foundation is DTU forefront in Denmark push elected President of industrial biotechnology This grant will help us international leading experts, including the new Center Director Professor Bernhard Professor Bernhard. Palsson out of University of San Diego, said President Lars Pallesen the DTU.. Plastic bags, toys, medical equipment, cancer medicine, fuel or food ingredients and different commodity is today largely out of chemical bonds balanced by crude oil, or extracted from plants. The target to the future is to create these and many other products by use sustainable, biotechnological processes.