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While the Paper Symposium Cry and non – Cry vocalizations in autism: potential markers in childhood, 20 to 06 medication information .00 clock on Saturday is, Oller and foundation will present scientist ‘Automated assessment of naturalistic images as a potential diagnostic tool for autism. ‘by using a unique acoustic analysis non – cry vocalizations, multipaper provides evidence that atypical vocal quality discriminates children 16 months to 48 months with autism from children with language delay.

International expert on children and the media, Dimitri A. Christakis, a Pecha Kucha presentation of 10:20 to noon on Thursday, April give. The presentation, TV Displaces Talk: The relationship between TV exposure and Family Interaction is is based on data from the LENA Natural Language Study based. – Researchers at Stanford University’s Center for Infant Studies, will present the poster Using the LENA Automated Speech Analysis System to the Language Environments of Latino Children Learning Spanish Explore from 08.20 clock bis 10.00 clock on Friday.

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