The New York Times reports premature ejaculation.

DHS Inspector General ‘s recommendation on reporting procedures immigrant prisoner Deathsshould the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau immediately report all deaths of immigrants held in federal prisons in the United States to the Department of Homeland Security, as well as government authorities is required where law according to the recommendations…Continue Reading

Dennis Slamon.

The significance levels for these analyses were equal to approximately 0.0002, 0.0030, 0.0111, and 0.0461, respectively. At each analysis, a step-down tests procedure was used. We in comparison the AC-T group with each trastuzumab-containing program at a significance level equal to half alpha to take into account multiple tests. If…Continue Reading

Arthur Greenberg.

Subgroups categorized based on continuous variables were defined based on the median values for these variables. We aimed to sign up 1056 patients in order to provide a statistical power of 85 percent to detect a 25 percent decrease in the incidence of the principal outcome, with a two-sided type…Continue Reading