Have you read my first article on natural fat burning foods?

But in truth, garlic is an all natural diuretic in the body which will help to break down the body fat stored in your body while simultaneously cutting your cholesterol amounts. Eat plenty of them to lose weight! 8. Fishes Fishes like salmon is an excellent source for omega 3 acids which will help us lower our leptin levels in our body. When we lower down our leptin levels in our body, it helps to enhance our metabolism price also. Hence, the even more fishes that contain omega 3 acids you take in, the more fats you can burn up without lifting a finger! 9. Cucumbers Cucumbers are an exceptionally high water content meals. Which means that when you take in more cucumbers, you are indirectly keeping your body hydrated and oxygenated which is excellent for rate of metabolism control and fat burning.Abul Faiz, M.B., B.S., Ph.D., Aniruddha Ghose, F.C.P.S., M. Amir Hossain, F.C.P.S., Rasheda Samad, F.C.P.S., M. Ridwanur Rahman, F.C.P.S., M. Mahtabuddin Hasan, F.C.P.S., Akhterul Islam, M.B., B.S., Olivo Miotto, Ph.D., Roberto Amato, Ph.D., Bronwyn MacInnis, Ph.D., Jim Stalker, M.A., Dominic P. Kwiatkowski, F.R.C.P., Zbynek Bozdech, Ph.D., Atthanee Jeeyapant, M.Sc., Phaik Yeong Cheah, Ph.D., Tharisara Sakulthaew, M.Sc., Jeremy Chalk, Ph.D., Benjamas Intharabut, B.Sc., Kamolrat Silamut, Ph.D., Sue J.