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Planned for a niche site near the intersection of North 6th and Cayuga Roads, the new 28,000 square foot center shall transform an abandoned previous warehouse building into an efficient, modern health care facility serving seven thousand sufferers. Regarding to Susan Post, Esperanza’s Executive Director and a Hunting Recreation area resident, We are excited to have been chosen from many applicants to get this grant award for Hunting Recreation area. These recovery funds shall enable us meet the growing dependence on affordable, culturally-competent primary healthcare in North Philadelphia. The facility may also provide space to partner with other institutions in many ways. This grant is seen by me as a real blessing from god, the father for our community.The hazard ratios for a BMI of less than 18.5 and for a BMI of 18.5 to 19.9 were 1.89 and 1.36 , respectively. Larger waistline circumference was associated with an increased threat of death from any cause among women who also had never smoked, after adjustment for all covariates except BMI and Waist Circumference among Women Who also Never Smoked., and Desk 1 in the Supplementary Appendix). With a waistline circumference of 26 to 27 in. As the reference category, hazard ratios improved from 1.05 for a waist circumference of 28 to 29 in. To at least one 1.75 for a waist circumference of 40 to 47 in.