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However, the mechanism where progerin causes the widespread scientific effects of HGPS provides been unclear. To forge this hyperlink between molecular biology and medical final result, Tom Misteli, Ph.D., head of the Cell Biology of Genomes Group at NCI’s Center for Tumor Study , and CCR staff scientist Paola Scaffidi, Ph.D., examined the effects of progerin on gene expression in a laboratory model of HGPS. They found that progerin activates genes mixed up in Notch signaling pathway, a major regulator of stem cell differentiation – – the process by which stem cells bring about the mature cells that make up different cells. Related StoriesFranziska Michor named recipient of NYSCF – Robertson Stem Cell PrizeUS and German researchers team up to progress quality control of human stem cellsSCT, Thermo Fisher Scientific collaborate to advance development of cardiac disease modelsBecause the majority of the tissues suffering from HGPS arise from a common developmental pathway, Scaffidi and Misteli viewed the consequences of progerin on adult mesenchymal stem cells, the common cellular ancestor of the tissue types.Before you know it you’ll have gone farther than you even realized – and burned more calories too. That means a better body in less time. 7) A simple way to exercise for those folks who aren’t gym bunnies: If you’re not a muscle bound, 0 percent surplus fat gym bunny, a genuine home treadmill is a simple, easy method to lose weight and stay in shape. Many people, for one reason or another, feel embarassed by going to the gym. Consequently, they don’t enjoy their gym workout and do not get the most from it. House treadmills are easy to use and simple to work for anyone, irrespective of fitness level.