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Individuals who inherit two copies of the variant type of this gene from their parents possess the ALDH2 *2*2 genotype and become flushed and nauseated after drinking. Consequently, they drink less than people who have a *1*2 genotype and much less than people that have a *1*1 genotype. Because inheritance of these genetic variants does not appear to affect lifestyle factors other than alcohol intake, an association between ALDH2 genotypes and blood pressure would indicate that alcoholic beverages intake impacts blood pressure.This is the time to escape your sweaty clothes, keep extra warm, consume some warm food . Try to avoid rubbing your face after touching doorknobs etc Also. As germs are spread easier this way. When you can be found in for cure with a frosty or flu the practitioner can do a full assessment. He/she will ask about all your symptoms, checking your tongue and pulses and assessing the body. The practitioner can make a diagnosis. The treatment will contain acupuncture points to ease the symptoms, obvious the pathogen, and improve and stability the meridians. Adjunct therapies such as for example moxibustion, gwa sha , cupping , applying essential oils or herbal linaments and so on are often used aswell also. The practitioner will also prescribe specific formulas to eliminate the virus or secondary bacteria, clear wind warmth or wind cold, alleviate the symptoms and strengthen Qi and immunity.