Anthony Armson.

Hannah, M.D.C.M., Eileen K. Hutton, Ph.D., Andrew R. Willan, Ph.D., Alexander C. Allen, M.D.C.M., B. Anthony Armson, M.D., Amiram Gafni, D.Sc., K.S. Joseph, M.D., Ph.D., Dalah Mason, M.P.H., Arne Ohlsson, M.D., Susan Ross, Ph.D., J. Johanna Sanchez, M.I.P.H., and Elizabeth V. Asztalos, M.D. For the Twin Birth Research Collaborative Group: A Randomized Trial of Planned Cesarean or Vaginal Delivery for Twin Pregnancy.. Jon F.R. Barrett, M.B., B.Ch., M.D., Mary E.Soon after arriving at ASU, Curtiss received the largest grant of his profession, a $14.8 million grant from the Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative, funded by the Expenses and Melinda Gates Foundation. Curtiss offers led an international research project to build up a fresh vaccine to end up being administered needle-free to newborns and infants to fight pneumonia, a respected cause of death, especially in the developing world. The single-dosage, oral vaccine against bacterial pneumonia promises to outperform the prevailing injectable vaccine in terms of safety, affordability, ease of distribution and effectiveness. Preliminary studies have already been effective, and moved the vaccine technology forwards to human medical trials.