Acupuncture helps relieve headache and back pain.

Studies also have shown acupuncture to be useful in treating conditions apart from pain, such as easing addiction-related cravings and leading to improvement in patients experiencing psychological or mood disorders even, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. But scientists remain divided over whether acupuncture provides any more benefit than a placebo, which was among the relevant questions the existing study was designed to examine. Better than medicines, and saferThe researchers conducted a meta-analysis on data from 29 prior studies concerning nearly 18,000 adults. The study was funded by the National Middle for Complementary and Choice Medicine, a federal institution, and also the non-profit Samueli Institute, which facilitates research into alternative medication.Quantitative Gene-Expression and Cell-Cycle Analysis After amplification of specific target genes, gene expression was analyzed with the use of a dynamic array 24 . The cell-cycle position was analyzed by staining for Ki67 and 4′,6-diamidine-2-phenylidole dihydrochloride and tracking cell division18 . Statistical Analysis Frequencies of cells with the 5q deletion in various cell populations were compared in bone marrow samples obtained before and during lenalidomide treatment, with the use of a two-sided Student’s t-test. A two-sided significance degree of 0.05 was used for all comparisons. To evaluate the result of lenalidomide treatment on stem cells with the effect on progenitor cells in samples attained before and during lenalidomide treatment, we used a Bayesian approach to estimate the model founded for this sample set .