Aquifers Tainted With Organic Uranium: Study: WEDNESDAY.

They found that 78 % of the uranium-contaminated sites were associated with the existence of nitrate, a common contaminant that comes generally from chemical fertilizers and farm pet waste. Through a number of bacterial and chemical reactions, nitrate releases occurring uranium, making it soluble. This enables uranium to seep into the groundwater, the researchers explained. The Great Plains aquifer contains uranium concentrations up to 89 times the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standard. And, nitrate concentrations were to 189 times greater than the EPA specifications up, the experts reported.Admitted to perpetrating sexual violence, which includes forced sexual activity or rape and contact. However, it is important to notice that the rates in the new research were all self-reported, and the amount of data gathered in each region was not uniform. The authors believe that the figures they recorded were lower than what was actually occurring. In an linked commentary, Kathryn M. Yount from the Hubert Section of Global Health at Emory University in Atlanta, said that the analysis was exceptional because it involved such numerous women from across the world. She stated it proved that non-partner sexual violence was prevalent and a real threat.2 – 9.

AACE releases first 2013 list of most searched endocrine medical conditions frequently The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists today released its first annual list of the most regularly searched endocrine medical ailments for 2013, as measured by visits to the organization's individual education website, Mirroring Google's most-searched medical symptoms of 2013, diabetes and thyroid were also in the AACE internet site's top 10 10 searches, although the number of thyroid health searches within the empoweryourhealth.