Providing hope for an incredible number of sufferers over the counter.

AKD Global announces new class of cancer remedies in development AKD Global announced today the discovery of a fresh class of cancer treatments in development, providing hope for an incredible number of sufferers over the counter . The spectacular results demonstrate a potent effect on cancer cells highly with no toxicity to healthy cells. AKD is raising money to continue development. We are working to raise now extra funding to expedite bringing this therapy to advertise. Early in-vitro data has been successful and pet testing in mice has shown no undesireable effects with oral administration at concentrations a large number of occasions higher than used in our in-vitro testing.

ALDA Pharmaceuticals and Shoppers Drug Mart sign distribution agreement ALDA Pharmaceuticals Corp. Dr. Terrance Owen, President & CEO, says: This agreement provides ALDA with widespread nationwide distribution of our items to customers for the first time. .