What could be the trigger?

A man who has poor blood pressure control A 60-year-old guy has deteriorating blood pressure control. What could be the trigger? Should his antihypertensive medicine be changed? Case scenario A 60-year-old man has been on a typical dosage of a beta blocker for a long time. His last three readings, each three months apart, have been 140/90, 170/110 and 160/100 mmHg. Should I increase, increase, or alter his antihypertensive agent?In 2012, the CDC launched its National Diabetes Avoidance Program predicated on analysis led by the National Institutes of Health, which showed that high-risk individuals who participated in life style change programs, like those identified by the CDC, saw a significant reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes. Today, there are a lot more than 500 of these programs across the country, including online options. The AMA launched its Improving Wellness Outcomes initiative in 2013 targeted at avoiding both type 2 diabetes and heart disease. That work includes a partnership with the YMCA of the USA to increase the amount of physicians who screen individuals for prediabetes and refer them to diabetes prevention programs offered by regional YMCAs that are portion of the CDC's recognition system.