1 in 4 children between 11-16 statement having sex As a new mother herself caverta.

1 in 4 children between 11-16 statement having sex As a new mother herself, Brenda Lohman admits to getting shocked by the total results of a new study she co-authored. It discovered that among 1 nearly,000 low-income family members in three major cities, one in four children between the age groups of 11 and 16 reported having sex, with their first sexual activity encounter occurring at the average age of 12 caverta .77.’So if 12 years was the common age here, that meant that some kids were starting at 10 or younger,’ said Lohman, an Iowa Condition University associate professor of human development and family research . ‘A small number of children reported having sexual intercourse as early as 8 or 9.

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