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23andMe identifies seven SNPs connected with breast size Using data from its unique online research platform, 23andMe, a leading personal genetics company, provides identified seven single-nucleotide polymorphisms significantly associated with breasts size, including three SNPs also correlated with breasts cancer tumor in a genome-wide association research now published on-line in BMC Medical Genetics. These findings help to make the first concrete genetic link between breasts breast and size malignancy risks Click here . These findings were made analyzing data from 16,175 female 23andMe customers of European ancestry, evaluating their answers to study questions including bra glass size and bra band size to genetic data at millions of SNPs.

The analysis analyzed these administrative expenses, separating out billing and insurance costs from other administrative duties such as medical records and quality improvement initiatives. The results are reported in the November/December issue of Wellness Affairs. The researchers found that private insurers make use of about 10 % of premiums for billing, marketing, financial profit and activities. Physician offices spend 14 % of their income on insurance paperwork, and hospitals spend 9 % on insurance paperwork. This financial cost to physicians for insurance paperwork can be high especially, according to Kahn. Of the total insurance costs used to cover physician and hospital care, this research demonstrated that 21 % is spent on insurance administration.