ASCO Launches Cancer.

Cancer.Net Portable is available for download in Apple’s App Shop and is the mobile companion to ASCO’s award-winning Cancer.Net website. ‘Cancer.Net Mobile places up-to-date, accurate cancer info and interactive tools in the fingertips of people coping with cancer and their own families and caregivers, wherever they are,’ said ASCO CEO Allen S. Lichter, MD. ‘Cancer.Net Mobile was developed by leading tumor doctors with patients and their caregivers at heart, to help them take charge of their cancers care and get the most out of doctor’s visits.’ Furthermore to its comprehensive cancer guides covering more than 120 common and uncommon types of cancer, Cancer.Net Mobile includes interactive equipment for individuals and caregivers to: Keep an eye on questions to ask their doctors, record voice answers, and choose from frequently-asked queries suggested by Tumor.Net Mobile gives a portable edition of the extensive tumor information library available on the Malignancy.Net website, with professional information regarding treating cancer, managing unwanted effects, managing the cost of care, and dealing with a cancer medical diagnosis.Network Ten tv reported that the sick passengers were Australian students time for their hometown of Melbourne after going to the Roman Catholic event Globe Youth Day time in Brazil. CBS This Morning Should you be worried about norovirus? In a 12 months with a light flu period fairly, a new infections called norovirus is making the rounds on ships and in universities. Is it something to. Norovirus can be an incredibly contagious virus that can infect anyone: You will get it from an infected person, contaminated water or food or simply by touching contaminated surfaces. The stomach is due to The virus and, or intestines to become inflamed – – referred to as gastroenteritis – – which can lead to stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Of the sick passengers, ’16 patients required transportation to hospital, three of whom had been stretcher sufferers,’ New South Wales state Ambulance Services said in a statement.