Allergies pose risk on Halloween.

Myron Zitt, previous president of the faculty, said in a written statement published on the organization’s website. Not scared yet? Just click here to see other ways to end up in the er on Oct. 31.. Allergies pose risk on Halloween, group says Think ghosts and goblins are scary? For kids with food and asthma allergies, a bigger fear on Halloween may be nut-filled candies. PICTURES – Halloween? 10 dumb ways to wind up in ER And nuts aren’t the thing that poses a threat to allergic children on Halloween. How about gummy bears – and certain other candles? They can contain gelatin, that may trigger allergies in some young kids, says the website of the American University of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.‘It makes me mad, it makes me terrified that they are denying me to use safety precautions. And I was informed by them that if I go out, they’ll let me go – and that just makes me more mad,’ stated Medina. The supervisor told Medina that he would end up being fired if he continued to use the mask and gloves, stating that Medina was ‘out of uniform.’ Airport spokesperson David Magana reported that a contractor acquired asked airport terminal officials about wearing defensive gear.