Xbox 360 360 or Nintendo DS video gaming actually resulted in something tangible?

Boot and Blakely haven’t completely written off video games in an effort to boost perceptual and cognitive abilities; in fact, they’re still available to the possibility. But before they start recommending video game interventions as a means to improve perception and cognition for children, adults and older persons, they state more evidence is necessary. ‘If people are doing offers to improve their cognition, they might be wasting their time,’ Boot said. ‘Play games because you love them, not really because they could boost your brain power.’..However, the study didn’t prove that consuming trans fats causes cardiovascular disease or early death. Lona Sandon, an assistant professor of clinical nutrition with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, cautioned against interpreting the study’s mixed message as a permit to loosen up limits on saturated fat consumption. Trans fat remains a definite concern, she said. Saturated fats are a little up in the air. Part of the issue is that we know that there are several saturated fats that are not harmful and possibly even beneficial. Nevertheless, you cannot independent out the healthy types of saturated fats from those that are not so healthy.