In temporary henna tattoos and in a few inks.

Allergic contact dermatitis to paraphenylenediamine Here are two instances of allergic contact dermatitis to a chemical found in many permanent hair dyes, in temporary henna tattoos and in a few inks. Case histories Contact allergy to long term hair dye A 32-year-old man presented with a marked angioedematous response on his face, ears, scalp and neck that had started six hours after having blonde tips put on his dark hair by a hairdresser . There is no involvement of the respiratory tract. He had had no reaction 3 years ago when he had the same locks dye applied. There was no background to suggest food allergy prior, and he was on no medicines.‘Abbott’s ARCHITECT 2nd Generation Testosterone Assay permits consistent and accurate testing of testosterone levels across an array of concentrations,’ stated Brian Blaser, executive vice president, Diagnostics Products, Abbott. ‘We are extremely pleased to provide a new and essential tool to address the need for an instant, sensitive, and automated testosterone assay fully. Health care providers is now able to confidently measure testosterone amounts and utilize this information to boost treatment decisions for their patients.’ The brand new assay operates on Abbott’s fully-automated ARCHITECT family of analyzers and comes in several European countries, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Japan, Africa, Middle East, and India, pending nation registration..