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Patent and Trademark Office issued a complete of 157,284 utility patents in 2007 – – down 9.5 % from 2006’s all-time high – – at the same time when the Patent Office is confronted with a swelling backlog of patents pending. The newest USPTO annual report ; Dynamic Solid State Devices and Telecommunications lead the individual patent class types, but others are displaying power including Static Information Storage space & Retrieval; Biotechnology and Drugs; Chemistry; and Radiant Energy.These self-complementary AAV vectors mediate transgene expression at substantially higher levels than do single-stranded AAV vectors.6,10 Second, to circumvent the chance of humoral immunity to AAV, we pseudotyped these vectors with a capsid of serotype 8 , that includes a lower seroprevalence in humans than will AAV2.6,7,10 Methods Research Design Patients who all met the entry criteria and did not have neutralizing antibodies to AAV8, as determined by an in vivo transduction-inhibition assay , were enrolled after providing written informed consent. Individuals 1 through 5 had been recruited in 2010 2010 and Participant 6 was recruited early in 2011.