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Slawin, Rana A K Singh, Michael Barry, Jianghong Jiang, and Weitao Melody, all of BCM. ‘The ad targeting Rep. Steve Kagen may be the initial in what committee officials said will be a series of Television and radio spots striking vulnerable Democrats over the August recess. Other Democrats whom the NRCC is certainly zeroing in on consist of Reps. Zack Space , Michael Arcuri , Harry Teague , Ike Skelton , Christopher Carney and Bill Foster .Results Among the 8579 children and adults with a BMI at the 85th %ile or higher, 46.9 percent were overweight, 36.4 percent had class I weight problems, 11.9 percent had class II obesity, and 4.8 percent had class III obesity . Table S1 in the Supplementary Appendix shows the mean ideals for every cardiometabolic variable in every participants and separately in male and female participants. With few exceptions, in both male and woman participants, the mean values for the cardiometabolic variables were higher with greater severity of weight problems; for HDL cholesterol, the imply ideals were lower with better severity of obesity. Table 3Table 3Prevalence of Abnormal Values for Risk-Element Variables by Age and Weight Category. And Figure 1Amount 1Prevalence of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors by Weight Status.