AGD encourages diabetic patients to pay attention to oral health According to the U.

People who have diabetes who don’t have good control over their blood sugar tend to have more oral health problems, says Dr. Edington. If your blood sugar is not under control, talk with both a medical doctor and dentist about the possibility of receiving dental care beyond program checkups and cleanings. It is recommended that patients with diabetes timetable their dental care appointments for the morning hours, because blood sugar levels tend to be under better control at that right time of day. Patients should eat and take their medicines as directed in front of you dental appointment.. AGD encourages diabetic patients to pay attention to oral health According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, diabetes affects nearly 24 million people in the United States. In observance of National Diabetes Month, the Academy of General Dentistry encourages people that have diabetes to pay extra attention to their teeth’s health.Chocolates is a good gift for a diabetic. Wines This is a little bit of a controversial gift for diabetics. Known to contain sugar, diabetics shouldn’t drink too much alcohol, but recent research has found that a little wine added to the diabetic diet is not detrimental – actually it may be beneficial. The analysis was completed on 11 000 people. Dr. Grahame Hillis who co-authored the study said candidates who got a moderate intake of wines saw an increase in sensitivity to insulin which, for type 2 diabetics, is a good thing. So wine can be an acceptable diabetic gift, as long as it really is loved in moderation. I would imagine a wine would be a nice Christmas gift for a diabetic.