The more you may take care of yourself.

20 ways to become more self-enough before ‘the crunch’ arrives One thing you don’t want to be during the coming ‘crunch’ – – a polite term for ‘collapse’ – – is dependent on the system. The more you may take care of yourself, the better off you will be physically, financially, and even spiritually emotionally. Here are 20 ways to become more self-sufficient while you still can: 1) Get yourself a small solar system which you can use to run a notebook or recharge batteries 2) Drill a water well and install a hands pump or solar-powered DC pump 3) Setup a rainwater collection system or barrel 4) Stash some money: stock aside some green dollar expenses and a lot of U.S. Nickels 5) Own and learn how to employ a handgun, rifle and shotgun 6) Store some ammunition 7) Very own and understand how to use a water filter 8) Start a garden this springtime and acquire more food production abilities 9) Save garden seeds so that you can plant the next generation of food 10) Acquire a wood-burning up stove for warmth and cooking 11) Possess a large quantity of stored food; enough for at least 90 days 12) Get to know your neighborhood farmers and ranchers 13) Store up important barter items that are relatively inexpensive today: Alcohol, coffee, ammo, matches, etc.A total of 466 serious adverse events occurred in these 316 individuals; 426 were hospitalizations through the follow-up period, and 123 involved medical procedures or problems of urinary stone disease. There were 12 related serious adverse events , which occurred in 3 patients assigned to point-of-care ultrasonography, 4 assigned to radiology ultrasonography, and 5 assigned to CT . More information regarding patients with related significant adverse events is provided in Desk 4Table 4Details of Related Severe Adverse Events in 12 Enrolled Patients, According to Imaging Technique.