According to a study by hereditary deafness specialists at Virginia Commonwealth University.

There is general contract that there has been an explosive acceleration in individual evolution in the last 100,000-200,000 years, but the precise manner in which the fixation of favorable genes in our species was accelerated provides been one of the most essential unresolved problems about human being evolution. When you think about the way the onset of selective marriages among deaf populations led to an increase in particular mutations for deafness, you conveniently can easily see how these same forces might have contributed to the spread of genes for speech among Homo sapiens 160,000 years ago, Nance said. If you were among the first primates with an capability to connect by speaking, wouldn’t you want to select a partner who could whisper lovely nothings in your hearing? EDITORS’ NOTE: A copy of Dr.Treatment depends on the cause. Uterine polyps: Uterine polyps happen when the endometrium overgrows leading to these protrusions in to the uterus. It is very rare for these growths to grow in a genuine way that is either benign or malignant. You is going to the hospital once you find you have got bleeding after sex immediately. If your bleeding is certainly caused by some of above 4 gynecological diseases, you should get the treatment as soon as possible. Fortunately, there can be an herbal medication named fuyan pill that could cure these disease completely.. $15 million federal money for new cancer research program As a result of C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition’s advocacy initiatives, $15 million for a new peer reviewed cancer study program is included in the ultimate Fiscal Year 2010 Protection Appropriations Bill.