Commented today on yesterdays federal courtroom ruling.

.. ACT comments on federal government fund blocking for embryonic stem cell research Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. commented today on yesterday’s federal courtroom ruling, temporarily blocking federal government funding for embryonic stem cell research relating to the destruction of embryos. The company believes that will enhance the strain on the NIH to find suitable sources of human ES cells that can be funded in the context of the preliminary injunction. It is notable, after that, that ACT’s proprietary embryo-safe Single Blastomere technique for deriving human embryonic stem cells , documented in CELL and Character Stem Cell publications and elsewhere, does not need destruction of the embryo and as a consequence may not be directly suffering from this ruling. ACT does not depend on government funding for any of its analysis or product development.Data produced for AMT by the University of Wisconsin in a further pilot study using large animals also showed effective delivery, expression and distribution at levels that are anticipated to correlate with clinical efficacy; overcoming these challenges is one of the major difficulties to clinical development. Taken together, these positive data encourage us to continue with the advancement of GDNF gene therapy and to prolong it to other neurodegenerative indications such as multiple system atrophy and Huntington’s disease. Related StoriesCHOP experts delay symptoms, expand lifespan in animal style of Batten diseaseResearchers successfully repair nerve cell damage in Alzheimer's dementiaUnderstanding how schizophrenia affects workings of the brainSanfilippo B Under an agreement signed at the beginning of this season, AMT is collaborating with a consortium led by Institut Pasteur in the clinical advancement of a novel gene therapy to treat Sanfilippo B.