ATMI introduces new range of single-use bioprocess vessels ATMI.

This standardization allows customers to implement TK8-based products throughout their facility with greatly reduced validation burden, also to scale up as creation demand dictates seamlessly. The TK8 film used in production of the vessels works with with bioprocess components and considerably reduces risk to product integrity. Key attributes of the multi-layer gas-barrier polymer laminate consist of cleanroom extrusion using only medical grade polymers, USP Course VI certification, and 100 percent Animal Derived Component Free materials. This high regular of purity and cleanliness makes ATMI BPVs ideal for any storage application, from buffers and press to intermediate bulk hold and final item fill. The new Integrity Bioprocess Vessels represent the most recent technology in the Integrity line of single-use products developed by ATMI.‘Forest Laboratories and the Allergy Asthma Study Institute are streamlining their systems by shifting to interoperable digital identities and digital signatures. We welcome them to the developing SAFE-BioPharma cyber-community,’ stated Mollie Shields-Uehling, president and CEO, SAFE-BioPharma Association.

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