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The earning submission highlighted the task that has been taking place since 2011 to review and manage priority substances that are found in AkzoNobel’s products and processes. The program requires a proactive global method of the management of hazardous substances used or generated in AkzoNobel products and processes and promotes the usage of safer and even more sustainable products. It also enables the ongoing organization to control harmful substances before legislation. We’re happy to have received this important recognition, said Corporate Director of Sustainability & HSE, André Veneman.Nonetheless it is advisable a minimum time gap of 2-3 weeks be maintained between two successive sonograms so as to be on the secure side.

Allergic rhinitis diagnosis and treatment: brand-new guidelines for main care professionals Two complementary suggestions on the medical diagnosis and treatment of allergic rhinitis are published in the August problem of the Allergy journal. These guidelines are the total consequence of a close cooperation between scientists, primary care professionals, and sufferers’ organisations. Allergic rhinitis is among the most common chronic illnesses with over 600 million people affected worldwide. A lot more than 200 million of these have problems with concomitant asthma also.