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‘Our study was completed on female participants only, and it should be recognised that there surely is evidence to claim that women may be more susceptible to some of the genetically harmful ramifications of alcohol than men, perhaps due to differences in fat to water liver or ratio mass to bodyweight ratio,’ said lead writer Dr. Janne Tolstrup, National Institute of Public Health, Denmark. ‘Because of this it will be interesting to examine gender variations in the possible effects of alcoholic beverages on the advancement of rhinitis.’ ‘Another interesting finding of this research was that smokers were found to get a decreased threat of seasonal AR, with no change to the chance of perennial AR,’ stated Tolstrup. ‘We also discovered that if one or both parents had asthma, the participant was much more likely to have perennial AR and this was exacerbated in females who drank over 14 drinks weekly.’..Epstein Award at ARVO 2016 To honor the memory of a longtime head in glaucoma study and treatment, the ARVO Base for Eye Study shall present the Dr. David L. Epstein Award. Epstein's family members and you will be presented annually to a senior-level glaucoma researcher in the ARVO Annual Meeting. The first award shall be provided at ARVO 2016 in Seattle, Wash. David usually valued the ARVO Annual Achieving for the strength of the exchanges; he and his colleagues talked science all day, every day, says his widow, Susan Epstein.