Over 4 Million Americans Say Theyve Driven Drunk in Prior Month: CDC: THURSDAY.

Curbing the nagging problem could save countless lives, the CDC researchers stated, since alcohol-impaired driving crashes possess accounted for about one third of most U.S. Crash fatalities during the past two decades. One expert agreed. Binge drinking is rampant among the young, stated Dr. Scott Krakower, who specializes in alcoholic beverages abuse issues. Individuals shouldn’t be afraid to seek help if they have a drinking problem, he said. Bottom line: if one is drinking, they should never drive an automobile.Why don’t we give ourselves credit? 2. Are more mindful and deliberateGet off autopilot and realize that you are probably simply speaking yourself out of feeling good. Notice the negative voices in your mind – – don’t fight them – – simply thank them for whatever they are worried about and quietly invite that good feeling to return. It might take some practice, but it could work for you. When you understand that you are pushing positive emotions aside, it is better to simply stop pushing. If the unfavorable voices are insistent, after that you have an obstacle to deal with, that’s all.