In prostate cancers.

Our observations help explain why this prostate tumor risk can be halved by drinking burgandy or merlot wine, which raises PTEN expression. Our data also suggest that treatment of the same cancer must be personalized for males and for females. .. AR gene has contrary effects on prostate and breast cancers Gene promotes prostate cancer when ‘turned on,’ breasts cancer when -turned off-Researchers in Cleveland Clinic have discovered a gene – called an androgen receptor – is situated in both prostate and breasts cancers yet has opposite effects on these illnesses. In prostate cancers, the AR gene promotes cancer development when the gene is fired up. In breast cancers, the AR gene promotes cancer growth when the gene is usually turned off, as may be the case after menopause frequently, when AR production ceases in women.The ‘cons’ include false-positive mammography results that result in invasive testing – – and also needless treatment of tiny tumors that could by no means progress to threaten a woman’s life, based on the USPSTF. The ‘pros,’ Burstein noted, include catching and treating tiny tumors that could have threatened a woman’s life.

AGA, Covidien partner to improve lives of people struggling with digestive diseases The American Gastroenterological Association Institute announced today that Covidien, a respected global provider of health-care products, recently decided to expand its corporate grant to the AGA Institute. This multi-year commitment will stimulate innovation to advance the practice and science of gastroenterology and improve patient outcomes.