Work receives Australian patent for human retinal pigment epithelial cells Advanced Cell Technology.

‘We continue to make great improvement with our patent estate covering RPE therapies,’ stated Gary Rabin, chairman and CEO of ACT. ‘Our ongoing success in securing broad patent protection all over the world, including this newly-issued Australian patent, is a testament to our innovative chief scientific officer, Dr. Robert Lanza, and the others of our scientific team.’ The efficient production of highly pure RPE cell preparations represents a critical part of the creation of renewable sources of transplantable cells which you can use to target degenerative diseases of the optical eyesight such as Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy and dried out Age-related Macular Degeneration .Some improvement has been manufactured in developing culturally suitable services in the last 10 years. But at present, such knowledge remains patchy, he concludes.

Afghan girl who misplaced arm in explosion paints with prosthetic BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – – The doctors and therapists who worked with a little young lady from Afghanistan understood the prosthetic arm they gave her would change her life. What they didn’t anticipate was that within weeks of strapping on her behalf new limb, 7-year-previous Shah Bibi Tarakhail will be using it to pick up a brush and begin carving out a new life – of abstract painting. Afghan girl paints with help of prosthetic arm Within weeks of strapping on her behalf new limb, 7-year-aged Shah Bibi Tarakhail picked up a brush and started carving out a fresh life ‘What color do you want?’ asked artist Davyd Whaley as he sat following to her at a desk at the Galerie Michael on Rodeo Drive in the center of Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon.