Tinnitus is normally a condition when a person experiences ringing in the ears.

Such cases are very uncommon and the nagging problem could be due to blood vessels or ear muscle contractions. The exact reason behind this condition isn’t known. But most of the medical representatives believe that exposure to noise leads to this. People those who work in industrial areas or are in armed service are more vulnerable to tinnitus. Brain injury Also, side effects of medications such as ototoxic, aspirin, and particular types of antibiotics and cancer drugs also contribute to this problem. For diagnosis of tinnitus physicians request for medical background of the individual, conduct a physical examination and have a series of checks.Of Minnesota Masonic Cancers Ctr.Jose T. Thaiparambil, PhD – Winship Cancer Institute of Emory UniversityChery Whipple, PhD – Dartmouth Norris Cotton Tumor Ctr.Kenichi Yoshida, MD – Cancer Genomics Project, The University of Tokyo.

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