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As it proved, our information to change people’s goals had no impact – – but we still discovered that the wristbands reduce nausea symptoms.’ The study involved 88 people split into three groups. All of the participants were suffering from some degree of nausea after getting at least two radiation remedies for various types of cancer. Dr. Roscoe explained that while chemotherapy is more regularly linked with creating nausea and vomiting, radiation to the digestive tract can also cause those distressing symptoms. A control group received no wristbands while a second group used wristbands and received info leading them to expect the treatment to work.New stats released by respiratory professionals show hairdressers, spray painters and other folks working with chemical substances are at greater threat of developing asthma. It’s estimated that in excess of two million Australians have asthma and around 40 per cent developed the condition as an adult. Researchers at the Cooperative Study Centre for Asthma, Woolcock Medical Institute in Sydney carried out a survey of 3,300, 18 – to 49-year olds living in New Southern Wales who returned and completed a mailed questionnaire.