Individuals have a hard pill to swallow.

Patients might not spot the pill at all when using this tool. READ ON >> 3. Use guided imagery. Guided imagery might help kids overcome their pill fears, Kathleen Bradford, MD, professor of pediatrics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, told The New York Times. Dr. Bradford stated that it could be useful for children to think about their tongue as a water slide and the tablet as a rider going down the drinking water slide into a pool, which is their stomach. READ ON >> 4. Suggest a flavored throat spray. A pharmacist produced the Tablet Glide Swallowing Spray, designed for both adults and kids, which comes in a number of different flavors like orange or strawberry. The spray is supposed to remove poor aftertaste and help pills glide down the individual’s throat.Full protective gear that guards against infectious disease transmission is essential, they say, to effectively and securely do their jobs. ‘These employees are essentially treated like the garbage that they have to handle each day,’ added Figueroa. ‘They’re given no products, no tools, no schooling that is appropriate for the kind of challenges that people need for our airport to be secure for passengers and workers alike.’ Plane cleaners aren’t being properly trained, raising Ebola risk Section of the issue is certainly that cabin cleaners are pulled by multiple contractors from a wide network of employees, rather than all are being trained properly. This is causing inconsistencies and possible hazards in regards to to passenger and worker safety.