The actual number of test cases that have been taken in is 63.

announced that it has completed all 60 human medical test situations of its PA Absorbable Orthopaedic Implant Screw according to the regulations set out by the China Condition Food and Drug Administration . The actual number of test cases that have been taken in is 63. The ongoing company is compiling trial reports and has entered the last stage of its clinical trial. The Company will apply for the SFDA final approval of the product when the Evaluation Data are ready. Related StoriesStudy shows surgery may not be a best option for AC joint dislocationsExcessive OR visitors during surgeries qualified prospects to postoperative infectionsU.S 2nd Annual Obesity Summit: 35 major U.S.Generally in most countries, retinoids require doctors’ prescriptions being that they are made of stronger stuff and unsupervised use can cause skin peeling, redness and irritation. For women, one option for treating zits that has become quite common is hormonal therapy. Hormonal remedies are said to be effective in moderating the body’s production of androgens which are believed to be a factor behind pores and skin breakouts. The contraceptive pill Diane-35 is among the better known brands of this type of pimple medication.