According to criminologists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Section of Justice Sciences.

Nineteen respondents admitted to renting vehicles owned by addicts in exchange for drugs. This revelation led the experts to interview 27 subjects who were dependent on crack cocaine but not incarcerated to understand how rock rentals were conducted. While some debtors said they have stolen cars belonging to addicts, most borrowers, and also addicts, stated they honored the local rental agreements to protect future medication transactions. One reason for the growing recognition of rock rentals is that crack cocaine is certainly cheap to produce.Advertising restrcitions upon some over-the-counter medicines likely to be lifted Regulations to remove the existing ban on advertising certain over the counter medicines to the public were laid in Parliament today. Removing these limitations on promoting nonprescription medicines to the general public has the potential to bring real public health benefits giving even more power and information immediate to patients. You will have no modification to the rigorous ban on advertising prescription only medicines direct to consumers.