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Recent data also have suggested an important part for Notch signaling in cancers stem cell maintenance. In the AVEO studies, the expression of Notch pathway-related genes was correlated with Notch pathway dependence in individual cancers cell lines to recognize tumors that are influenced by tumor autonomous Notch signaling. Expression of a single Notch target gene, HeyL, was correlated with sensitivity of individual cancer cell lines to inhibition of ligand-dependent Notch transmission, confirming its role as a predictive biomarker of Notch-dependent tumors. Furthermore, elevated HeyL expression determined a substantial subset of tumors driven by the mutant Kras oncogene that may be influenced by Notch signaling.Based on those and various other indicators, one virus was categorized as posing a high risk for triggering a pandemic. Researchers found proof the viruses were susceptible to current antiviral medications and could be controlled with an available prototype vaccine. Such protection was unavailable in 1957 when an H2N2 virus that included genes from avian flu infections emerged. Federal health officials estimate the 1957-58 pandemic killed one to two 2 million people worldwide. While the H2N2 stress disappeared from flu infections circulating in human beings in 1968, it provides persisted in the world's bird populace.