A happy hospital produces happy patients Imagine a hospital where morale is great.

The change in management thinking offers astonishing results in patient and worker satisfaction, Griffith says. The key issue for the individual is the response to two questions, ‘Will you come back and can you refer?’ he said. A loyal patient will do both. These accepted places got that in 90 % of patients. The usual answer is just a little better than half. The 34 hospitals scored in the top 50 % in almost all quality and satisfaction measures and were frequently in the top 10 % of national search positions, the study shows. They also spend plenty of time training employees. Bronson, for instance, offers more than two weeks of full-time teaching to every full-time worker. The national typical is no more than seven days.How much radiation originates from drinking one glass of spooning or water together with your spouse? You might be amazed at the answers. Read our slide show for more.

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