The scary component in all this?

It’s extremely important that you take actions to protect yourself now from the global financial crisis that’s still unfolding. I give specific strategies in my Health Ranger LIVE sound event, which you can find out about at: The Next Big Wave of Bankruptcies: Corporations and GovernmentsThe next wave of bankruptcies are likely to strike corporations and governments very soon. The Condition of California has already declared it’s bankrupt, and it needs a $7 billion loan from Washington just to keep operating. Corporations, too, are going to be badly harm in the a few months ahead, especially following a abysmal Christmas shopping season I’m publicly predicting.‘Consequently, people don’t need to eat dog food sanitized by ammonia, and BPI is certainly losing money. There have been no ‘lies’ in the news headlines story. And the lawsuit will fail exactly like BPI’s efforts to feed dog meals to people who don’t want to buy.’ Meanwhile, ABC Information is challenging the suit and contacting Circuit Judge Cheryle Gering to dismiss it entirely. The Center for Research in the general public Interest, a general public advocacy group, can be supportive of the case getting dismissed on the grounds that ABC Information was merely exercising its First Amendment rights.

2015 Ernst & Young Health Care Entrepreneur of the entire year award for Neighbors Crisis Center Setul G.