A fresh study of Us citizens with gout.

Key findings of the study included: When asked to describe the physical feeling of a gout strike, 23 % of gout patients compared the discomfort to shattered glass piercing their skin, 28 % to breaking a bone and 34 % to a severe burn. Although a third of respondents have experienced an average of several attacks in the last 12 months, 91 % of respondents feel that they possess their gout under control. To view additional survey results and the entire multimedia news release, please visit ‘This study reveals a startling disconnect between your degree of discomfort and pain patients experience and the reported success of their care or management program,’ says Dr.It really is projected that by 2020, nearly 50 percent of Japan's population will be older than 50, driving the necessity for improved spinal implant technology. We are delighted to partner with Mazor to deliver their innovative items to the Japanese marketplace, commented Saburo Adachi, President of Adachi. We believe strongly in the effectiveness of a mutually beneficial partnership and appearance forward to working with Mazor to fulfill the requirements of japan government to get the necessary approvals and deliver this advanced technology to Japan. The distribution agreement and initial purchase order from Adachi signifies an important step in expanding the market for Renaissance in Asia, said Ori Hadomi, Chief Executive Officer of Mazor.