Alcohol problems may be influenced by neighborhood By Piriya Mahendra.

People living in low-income areas are generally more likely to avoid alcohol than those from more affluent areas, with the exception of Hispanic and African-American males, report Katherine Karriker-Jaffe and co-workers in the Journal of Studies on Drugs and alcohol. But among those that do drink, White females and African-American males from low-income neighborhoods will experience alcohol-related consequences significantly, such as trouble at the job, physical fights, and run-ins with the police as than their richer counterparts.First is the importance of scientific trial participation for patients diagnosed with gynecologic malignancies, and second may be the importance of being adequately educated about who’s performing your medical procedures and what their qualifications are when you, as a patient, have an ovarian cancer potentially. The trial involved 429 women with stage III ovarian cancers who were given chemotherapy following the surgical removal of tumors.