Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my medical condition improve with Thyromine?

A: With no doubt, it is important that you know that hypothyroidism is a condition of no permanent solution, however with thyromine you may stimulate your gland to perform efficiently to provide your body with its requirement of hormone resulting in reducing your symptoms.

Q: Does thyromine have any side effects?

A: Not at all, this product is totally natural and has showed no sign of side effect at all, all of its active ingredients work synergistically together to provide the highest efficiency of all.

Q: Does Thyromine contain only natural ingredients?

A: Yes. We only provide you natural ingredients that are already present in your body.

Q: Will the excess pounds go if I take Thyromine?

A: If your weight gain issue is because of hypothyroidism, then the answer is absolutely, however you will need to regulate your diet and exercise. We are simply saying that you do your part and let Thyromine take care of your gland.

Q: Should prescribed medication be more efficient?

A: This is definitely your call; however you are taking a decision whether you want to try some assured side effects such as headaches, vomiting, allergies, chest pains, diarrhea, insomnia, cramps, or even fever, or simply take a treatment that has no side effect at all since it is all natural, plus you have a 6 month money back guarantee!! You do the math.